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Intervention fees correlate with the different aspects of the intervention process as described below:

  1. Phone Consultation: Provide information and discuss next steps.

  2. Preliminary Tasks: A phone interview to help form the intervention team; generate treatment options; establish preliminary timeline, and specify locations for the training and intervention.

  3. Assessment: An additional phone interview to gather history and background information. This is essential for developing the strategy for the intervention. The background information is also utilized (when needed) to generate a formal assessment report for the treatment center.

  4. Training: Prepare the intervention team and explain strategy. The training usually occurs the day before the intervention. Payment for Intervention Services are made at the time of the training.

  5. Intervention: Facilitate the intervention.

FEES (as of 7.29.17)

Initial Phone Consultation    Free
Preliminary Tasks & Assessment    $425.00
Training    $400.00
Intervention    $375.00
Per Diem*    $200.00
TOTAL** $1,400.00


Additional Services/Fees (as needed):
  • Transport to Treatment Center: $325.00-$400.00 (Depending on location & time involved).
  • Extra Travel Days: $300.00 day.
  • *Per Diem may increase depending on mileage, airfare, etc.
  • **Post Intervention follow-up consultations are billed at a rate of $90 per hour.




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